Online Negotiation Training for Individuals

Online Negotiation Training for Individuals Based on the Harvard Model

Usually only available to governments, corporations, NGOs, and non-profits, our online negotiation workshops at Negotiation Advice International (NAI) present a unique opportunity for individuals to easily access our expertise — at exceptional value.

Led by renowned negotiation expert, advisor, and bestselling author Peter D. Johnston, NAI’s Managing Director, this online negotiation training is offered twice yearly.

Consistent with our negotiation training for organizations, these virtual negotiation workshops offered online via Zoom are highly interactive, entertaining, and driven by wide-ranging cases in which participants negotiate together and then debrief, revealing a wide range of valuable strategic and tactical lessons.

We bring online Harvard negotiation training to you based on Peter’s expertise, and Harvard roots. Peter is a Harvard MBA whose unique approaches to influence were formed by working closely with founders of the Harvard Negotiation Project, the Program on Negotiation, and the Harvard Negotiation Roundtable. 

His distinguished results in the field of negotiation have been formally recognized by the government of the United States for their positive economic and social impact. He has worked with clients ranging from the United Nations, World Bank, and Heads of State to corporations such as HSBC, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Suez, as well as unions, including the pilots at American Airlines.

Peter incorporates into his online negotiation training for individuals all of his distinct approaches to tackling our most challenging negotiations based on his client work around the world, extensive research initiated at Harvard, and his international bestseller, Negotiating with Giants.

“Very valuable...”
—CNN News
Oracle Corporation
“Peter Johnston’s negotiation course has forever changed the way I will look at negotiating. His passion for the subject matter is palpable and his course will no doubt benefit me in all my future pursuits.”
—Jasper Blake
Ironman Champion & International Coach
“Every year, Peter Johnston's workshop is sold out. Students from all disciplines register for his seminar months in advance.”
—Naveen Dosanjh
Enterprize Business Conference

Entertaining, Affordable Online Negotiation Workshops for Individuals

Based on our work and findings through the Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and conducting Harvard negotiation workshops, we find negotiation workshop participants tend to absorb new concepts and ideas better when they first learn them in an entirely different context than the one to which they are most accustomed. This approach means that you may find yourself far from your own world initially, as a soccer player’s agent, an oil baron, a hostage, or a film executive. No matter what role you play, the negotiation lessons are always linked back to your individual challenges in real life, with questions always encouraged by Peter, and takeaways for both your professional and personal life.

Over the course of four half-day sessions, equivalent to two full days of negotiation training, our participants from around the world learn to:

Adopt the mindset and approach of the world’s top negotiators.
Prepare systematically and quickly for your negotiations.
Deal successfully with hard-bargainers and different personality types.
Craft agreements that maximize your results.
Create value by negotiating away from the table.
Build relationships and coalitions to get and keep what you want.
Ensure that agreements are implemented as agreed.
Defend yourself from common mind-traps.
Understand the two negotiations embedded in every single negotiation.

Our negotiation workshops are tailored to individual executives and managers in the private and public sectors, as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, and legal professionals looking to improve and refine their negotiation and influence skills.

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Exceptional Negotiation Workshops Led by a Top Negotiator

As a negotiator and negotiation advisor who has conducted Harvard negotiation training for decades, Peter D. Johnston always shares real-life stories in our negotiation workshops as he leads discussions and transfers world-class negotiation skills to participants.

To ensure the benefits of a smaller group learning experience, we limit participation in these special sessions and ask that all those applying tell us briefly about their background and why they want to take Peter’s negotiation workshop. If you have a preference for full-days on weekends or weekdays, versus four-half days during the week, please let us know this as well.
All those accepted to our online negotiation training are asked to complete a confidential survey to help us identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor lessons to their specific profiles and interests.
Our online negotiation workshops allow for a wide range of experience and knowledge of negotiation. There are no specific prerequisites for this negotiation training. Our workshops are rigorous and no matter how much you may know already, others will soon catch up.
You will have an opportunity to meet others from around the world who share a similar interest in improving their negotiation skills.
You will learn, practice, and absorb a defined number of memorable strategies, proven mindsets, and mental models that will allow you to excel in any environment. We do not believe in trying to overload our participants with hundreds of tactics that are impossible to remember.
Those completing our online negotiation training receive a signed certificate from Peter D. Johnston attesting to their involvement in NAI training.

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Find out more about what makes our training different.

Find out more about our in-person and online negotiation seminars for organizations around the world.

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